Human Resources Manager

Location: Lynden, Washington

The Position
Under the direction of the City Administrator, the Human Resources Manager develops and administers the full range of human resource programs, including employee and labor relations, recruitment and selection, policy development and administration, employee compensation and benefits, and employee training and development. The HR Manager often deals with sensitive, confidential, and emotional issues, and must be able to utilize effective problem-solving skills on a regular basis.

Ideal Candidate
The Human Resources Manager plays a key role in the City organization. As such, the successful candidate is expected to embrace and model organizational Vision and Values. Further, the successful candidate must be willing to take on system-wide organizational development. As a leader in the organization, this individual will be held to the highest standards of public service. More than any other employee in the
organization, the Human Resources Manager routinely handles sensitive, highly confidential matters. The successful candidate must be able to navigate these issues with compassion maturity and at times empathy. The individual in this position must be trustworthy beyond reproach, able to keep a confidence and engender a high level of trust within the organization. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated record of accomplishments and leadership in Human Resources. He or she will be an effective communicator, especially when presenting information to employees and City leadership.