WA State SHRM Digital Summit

WA State SHRM is excited to announce our 1st ever Digital Summit! The summit will be on Friday, July 17th from 10am until 2:30pm. This is a FREE event! You will have an opportunity to interact with the amazing sponsors of the 2020 Washington State Employment Law and HR conference, and win prizes just for attending.

You will also get a preview of the 2021 conference while earning 1 SHRM PDC as Jean Briese (our closing keynote speaker for the 2021 WA State Employment Law and HR Conference) will be providing a complimentary session. Additional sessions with credits will be added for this event.

5 Power Pillars of High-Performing Cultures
Are you ready? Elevate your leadership skills. Align your leaders with your organization. Empower your leaders with new tools they can use immediately for more. More results. More engagement. More revenue. Corporate Culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates. According to a recent Forbes study, 90% of executives say culture is important and yet only 15% say their culture is where it needs to be. Learn the secrets the masters use to engage the 5 pillars shared by all high performing teams. SPEAKER BIO: Jean Briese is a desert baby, living and loving in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Arizona. A native to Phoenix, Jean has an affinity for the desert. While much of our beautiful world is lush and green, the desert can be sparse and dry. Jean’s early years were sparse like the desert. Jean experienced a life changing grace as a young teen, eldest of four, when they were abandoned by their mother two weeks before Christmas. Homeless, and with nothing but a high school education, she went on to build an abundant career in sales and sales leadership, creating and leading award winning sales teams at one of Fortune’s Top Ten Companies. Through her career, she has coached countless individuals to becoming their best self, redefined great teams, and shattered what was believed impossible. The desert blooms in the most unlikely places. Whether it is through rock or through parched, barren ground; life breaks through and delivers a stunning show of strength as the seedling blooms wherever it finds itself planted.
Jean Briese
Speaker, Jean Briese LLC
Partner Networking
Tips for Saving Time While Increasing Engagement When Implementing New Health & Wellness Programs
How you can save time and still increase employee engagement when promoting new benefit programs One of the greatest obstacles for HR executives in 2020 is overcommitment*. And now during COVID-19, HR staff are having to do more with fewer resources while working from home. Yet employee wellness and wellbeing are all the more important during this crazy time in history. This webinar is designed to help HR professionals balance time saving ideas with engagement building options that help increase employee wellbeing and therefore wellness. Take Aways– · Learn from the latest trends · Gain ideas from real life case examples on time saving options and engagement success stories, including: – Upper-level management involvement – Incorporating technology verse the human touch – Communication strategies – Getting the most from your vendors – Program measurement and ROI assessment. *According to The Hacket Group, a leading global strategies and operations consulting firm
John Parker
Director of Operations, MedSavvy
Megan Boyd
Client Success Manager, Cambia Health Solutions’ Human Performance and Wellbeing Division, MedSavvy
Courtney Schwagler
Cost Containment Strategist, Advanced Benefits, MedSavvy
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SHRM National Update
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Closing Comments/Giveaways/Networking
Event Location: Online
Date & Time: Friday, July 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.