The Power of Acknowledgment in Building High-Functioning Teams 

Employees thrive and loyalty peaks when individual contributions are seen and acknowledged.  Many leaders and managers, however, fall short of giving their team members the opportunities to feel truly appreciated and seen.  Instead, they offer praise and flattery leaving their people uninspired.  The process of giving negative feedback can be challenging, but even more difficult can be giving positive validation that results in a higher caliber of performance. In this training, Colby Wilk of shares an easy-to-learn three-step process that reveals the secret of how to motivate team members through the power of acknowledgment.

This training will teach you how to:

  • Find powerful, personal words of encouragement instead of shooting yourself in the foot with empty praise.
  • Motivate team members to be more productive.
  • Easily reduce friction in working relationships.
  • Quickly and easily build trust and respect among team members.

Colby Wilk, MA

Colby Wilk, a counselor, became a coach and trainer when he recognized a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods to shift behaviors that seemed unchangeable.  Through experiential methods, language distinctions, and a strength-based coaching model, Colby assists others to strengthen their teams by building authentic trust.  A unique type of trainer and coach, Colby Wilk utilizes multiple modalities to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among people, even those in extreme circumstances.  His track record includes the development of training programs that reduced recidivism of Washington State juvenile offenders by 30% and developing national prevention curricula proven to statistically reduce substance use and violence.  He has also worked internationally with Palestinians and Jews in Israel, assisting them to move beyond long-term resentments into productive ventures.  His clients include Extreme Networks, the University of Washington, and Nimble Strategies.  His training programs have been recognized by KCTS with the Golden Apple Award, by Hilary Clinton with the Growing Up Taller award, and by a PBS documentary.  Colby earned his Masters from NYU.  He is a featured guest on Beyond the Ordinary, Your Wealth Revolution, and KKNW.

Cost to attend:

$20 for SCHRA member

$25 for Non-SCHRA member

$10 for Students

Approved for 1 SHRM PDC

Event Location: Zoom Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday, March 11th | 8 AM - 9:15 AM