SCHRA December Member Appreciation: Elevating Your HR Through Belonging to Become a Strategic Force in Your Company

Join SCHRA for our in-person Member Appreciation event on Wednesday, Dec 6, where we welcome Paul Haury for an exciting “conversession” around becoming a strategic force within your company!

Who should Attend?

  • HR Leaders
  • Executive Leaders
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone interested in growing belonging in their company!

In this conversession, you’ll get a relational understanding of belonging that when adhered to, will allow you to be strategic in your influence instead of just tactical. (Think of a conversession like a great rest TED talk but with conversation, and some presentation.) We’ll go through three conversession segments on the topics below. Each segment has a nine-minute TED Talk-ish share + nine minutes of interactive talking together that brings the concept from academic thought to real concrete experience.

All the segments are grounded in the social behavioral and neurosciences.

Key understanding segments:

  1. What Belonging is Not, and the difference between Belonging and Get-a-longing (a.k.a. fitting in)
    1. The popular (mis)conception about belonging
    2. A new understanding of real relational belonging, of Feel, Own, and Care
    3. Compared to Get-a-longing and its limitations
  2. Self-Belonging, Self-Talk, and How Our Stories only Join at 4000to40
    1. The belonging paradox
    2. Self-talk, your #innerittybittygrittycommittee and your #innerittybittyshittycommittee
    3. Our worlds connect when we talk, slowing from 4000 words per minute to 40
  3. Strategic HR Belongs and Presents Along These Brain Rules
    1. Every presentation is a story of belonging: You &Your Audience
    2. Brain Rules, 1, 6a &6b, 9, and 12 (John Medina)
    3. 15 Words

About our Speaker

Paul Haury guides people to experience belonging, in self-belonging, in their own brilliance, and within their company tribes, to really live & perform better than they ever imagined. In his most recent endeavors, he serves as a Fractional HR Leader and Professional Coach specializing in Belonging and Optimal performance. He has also served as VP of people & culture. He believes we perform at our highest when we belong, and believe in shared purpose together. There, we simply fear less and aspire more.

Event Location: Delta Hotel Everett | 3105 Pine St, Everett, WA 98201
Date & Time: December 6, 2023 | 5-7pm