As an HR professional you help others build their skills and improve their value in the market, you identify talent to bring into your organization, and you give advice when your internal clients seek to advance their careers. But what about you? Have you developed a clear value proposition for YOU, your role, and the HR function? Are you being as good to yourself as you are to your company and to your business partners? In a fast-paced, interactive hour, Seattle-based business communications expert Bryan Rutberg will facilitate a discussion on personal branding for HR professionals, with exercises to help you create your personal value proposition. Starting with driving the right mindset and reinforcing your value with the right business language, Bryan will guide us through a clear approach to personal branding for the HR professional. Whether you are a department of one or in a multi-billion dollar organization, you’ll appreciate a new perspective on your work and a refreshing new way to talk about it.

SCHRA members and visitors who join the April meeting (Thursday, April 11, 7:30-9:00a.m.) will leave with a draft personal branding statement and a plan to promote their work and themselves using internal and external channels. By learning-by-doing, you will also develop skills to help others write their own clear value statements and see their work through an audience-focused, benefit-led perspective. All attendees will be invited to a complimentary one-to-one follow-up with a member of the 3C team to polish their personal statement or address specific individual issues.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Draft a personal branding statement and a plan to promote the Human Resources profession using internal and external channels
  • Learn skills to help others write their own clear value statement

Improve your ability to effectively communicate the value and benefits of being a Human Resources Professional

Our Presenter is Bryan Rutberg. Bryan is the founder and fearless leader of 3C. His extensive work and experience in prestigious roles at corporations like Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and Hewlett Packard all came together to reveal a common theme: communication with people, developing connections and creating understanding and ultimately driving positive business impact. He brings knowledge from the corporate world and combines it with a deep passion for developing others.

Event Location: New Location!!! Delta Hotel by Marriott - 3105 Pine St, Everett, WA 98201
Date & Time: Thursday, April 11 - Registration & check in begins at 7. Networking and meeting begins at 7:30.